Comenius project “TreasureBooks” 2013 – 2015

The “e-generation” has become distant from literature and books. Different studies belay that students’ reading and writing skills are declining significantly. Consequently, the focus of our project is to seek solutions or action models to make reading and writing attractive for our students who are growing up in a world in which technological and media literacy, creativity and a culture of innovation are becoming increasingly important.

The project’s international frame is set to deepen the European idea in our schools and the local area. This is essential because of all over Europe people are confronted with negative headlines concerning the European Union. Both, students and educators are encouraged by the European governments to create international situations that allow them to use languages in an authentic way and to ‘experience’ Europe outside the classrooms. We believe that our project can contribute to realizing these impulses in an attractive way. The European idea is a central part of all participating schools’ programmes that are permanently worked on and developed.

“TreasureBooks” is a joint project between Germany, Finland, Denmark and Estonia.